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I used to be sitting doing a jigsaw with her and régime remise en forme homme youd know you only had a few minutes before certain death because the table would be shaking and jittering as a result of the build-up in the kitchen.
I knew then that I immediately wanted to move here.
We all checked in, moving like cattle at the slaughterhouse.
I had to call BT and have him blocked before my poor mother picked up the phone to hear some loon shouting reyes HAD nothing ON scully nothing YOU C*NT at her.Its what happens when I get changed at the gym, why should it be any different in the sky?Thenthat was it, really.I resisted the urge to touch his hands and say Im sorry, Im married, but I can send a signed photo by Fedex but he looked as though hed snap my fingers.Once we knew that we were free the morning became all the more sweeter.Thank god: Ive never known anyone put their make-up on with a plastering hawk before.He then spent the next five minutes moaning at us about what a waste of money the trip was, how ripped off he felt, how it was the worst thing hes ever experienced in his life.
Great fun, until you realise that the tunnels probably werent designed to accommodate some twenty-stone Geordie with a fat arse and cheap jeans trying to turn around in there it was like trying to turn a sofa around in a lift.
Fancy more to fill your pie hole?
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