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Reduction hp

reduction hp

Stefanyshyn said speeds will likely decrease by no more than 3-4 mph in most instances with the changes.
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They said, 'Hey, put down a severe penalty.' So its.To provide better entertainment for our fans.".We're hoping it will make the racing better, closer.The horsepower reduction, from 850 to 725, will be obtained in part through the use of tapered spacers, which are currently used in the.An adjustable driver track bar will be optional (the device was tested this summer.Teams currently are allowed to test at non-sanctioned facilities as often as they choose, and have a minimum number of tests allowed at tracks that host Sprint Cup Series races."What we're trying to do is get Goodyear, nascar and team testing, which are separate now, and bring all three of us together he said.Frais de livraison offerts pour toute commande de plus de 15 euros.LE 5 valables sur les promotions et les soldes.HP is reduced by 9 HP anyway.
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2, la livraison est offerte pour toute commande d'un montant supérieur à 30 TTC.
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"Last year when we did the chassis change, we wanted to do the engine power optimization, but it was too much, too fast for the engine builders Gene Stefanyshyn told.
Stefanyshyn, senior vice president of innovation and racing development, said speeds increased slightly with the implementation of the 2014 package, "so this year, even though we've got the power down, we're re-balancing the car.".
Pour retrouver l'ensemble de tes avantages exclusifs en tant que client(e) imagine R, rends-toi sur la page des."If we organize it well promo shutterfly shipping and do it in a smart way, say 'Goodyear's got to do their stuff, let's help them; nascar and the teams, if we want to look at this low downforce world, let's work together; and then you teams, you've got."You take the power out, but we're also taking drag off (by trimming the spoiler) to re-balance this whole thing he said.Daytona International Speedway leading into the season-opening, daytona 500.There could also be qualifying and racing in the rain at Sprint Cup Series events contested on road courses if weather is an issue; and the new qualifying format unveiled this year could see some minor tweaks going forward."They say 'it cost a ton of money, takes a ton of time, a ton of resources " Stefanyshyn said.