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Setup reduction smed

Implementation of Lean: setup reduction will help reduce batch size, leading to concours iphone 6 increased frequency of production for each model.
This seems to reduce the unit cost.
If we can make setups fast, easy and predictable the loop reverses into a "virtuous cycle".
This leads to the perception that setups are difficult and risky.Workcells are most effective with small lots and setup reduction makes cells feasible or helps them perform better.Setup Reduction (often known as Single Minute Exchange of Die or smed) is one of the more mundane aspects of Lean Manufacturing and is often ignored.Practice- Teams practice setups videotape improvements.Reduce lead time, resulting in improved delivery.Setups take skill, practice and coaching, much like golf.Ciras can provide a Lean expert to facilitate Lean: setup reduction for a team of company members including both management and production workers.Preparations are made and resources such promos volkswagen as Maintenance, Engineering and Tool Room are reserved.Limiting mechanisms prevent lot sizes from going to infinity but these are often weak.
Lean: setup reduction is the process of reducing changeover time (i.e., from the last good piece of the previous run to the first good piece of the next run).
(You never know how long it will take or whether the product will be right).
Kanban introduces other loops (not shown) that further reinforce the reduction in lot sizes.
What is Lean: setup reduction?
The black hole of overhead sucks in most of the costs.
These give rise to a plethora costs and negative consequences.Standardize- Some team members practice; others document the setup.Improve documentation of setup processes, leading to improved quality.Since setup activities add no marketable form, fit, or function to the product, they are by definition non-value adding.What is my next step?The perceptions of risk and difficulty encourage large lots and thus fewer setups.Other penalties such as erratic deliveries are far removed from the fundamental cause and it is difficult to link cause and effect.Maintenance and Tool Room personnel may work into the night.Team members are assigned.This also encourages large lots or runs.Risk Difficulty Loop, when we run large lots of each product, setups on that product are infrequent.

Easy setups encourage small lots and small lots mean more setups which increases confidence and setup skill.
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